Oh baby

Hello again.

So as you might know, I have a three year old sister named Ruthie. She is as sweet as can be. And I noticed the way that we all talk to her. Which is the same way that you would talk to any younger child, yes that high pitched voice we all do to kids. But I am not just talking about that, also the way we are constantly encouraging her to try new things with such a positive attitude. And it made me think, what would it be like to talk to each other like babies? Now, I don’t mean the voice that makes you want to plug your ears or helping each other put together three puzzle pices, or maybe I do. If I could sit with my friends or family and help them with something as simple as a puzzle, imagine how great it would make them feel. Or the way I am constantly tell Ruthie to try this and that. Like, Ruthie used to be afraid of dogs, but once I would kneel on the floor right next to her, pet the dogs head and say “He’s nice, do you want to try?” She actually did and loved it. See what little effort I had to put in, and maybe that’s all I need to do, just put a little more effort into my conversations. So when my friend is struggling with being afraid of failing her science quiz if I just sit and ask her what it is she is afraid of, maybe that all she needed. Maybe she was just lacking confidence and needed someone to tell her “I know you’ll do great” Finally, I challenge myself and you to talk to someone you love like a baby. Help them build a Lego house, encourage them to take one more step into to pool, and bend down to listen for what they are afraid of then show them it’s nothing they can’t do.


My works 

I am not perfect. Not even close. I do things I shouldn’t, say things I shouldn’t, don’t even get me started on the mean things I think. I am constantly covered in dirty, smelly, yucky sin. Everyday we all struggle with this: trying to be a perfect daughter. Trying to imagine our sin isn’t there and that we aren’t controlled by it. We try to do extra things that will over weigh our sin. Extra things not out of the kindness of our hearts, but to distract us from the bad. When in reality we just make things worse because they are not out of the kindness of our hearts. Like help someone clean up their mess but only so my parents will see me and give me extra praise for it. Or when I see someone sitting alone, I ask her to sit with me and my friends, but only for the reason of other people seeing me do it. How about this one, giving a sweet gift but only so they will feel the need to give me one back in return. I have done all of these and more, which makes me embarrassed to admit it. None of these things that we do are going to make a true impact if we don’t do it for the right reason. God doesn’t say in his word to live for yourself, he tells us to be voluntary servants for others. That means we aren’t paid servants, we do it to help that person and not expect the same or more in return. it says in Hebrews 6:10, “God is not unjust, he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him and you have helped his people and continue to help them.” So even though we want everyone to see our good work and applaud us for it, we don’t have to. God see’s all that you do and what kind of heart you have while doing it. Lets go back to the three examples I gave you. Imagine how much better it would be if we did those tings with a good intention :to actually help. If we all did it that way (for Christ) we would be doing much more good. So who will never forget our good works? That’s right, God! And he loves to see you do them.

Just about me

Hi girls! I am so glad that you are here with me. I started this blog because I want to talk to other girls that are “Just Like Me”. We all make mistakes, say things would shouldn’t, but there is only one person who is able to look past our mess and give us His grace, God. I want you to think of this blog not as a “lesson” (which are very good and helpful at time) but think of me as your never seen before friend. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ so that is what I want you to think of this as. Just us girls talking together.